How Long Does It Take To Learn HTML By Yourself?

How Long Does It Take To Learn HTML By Yourself?

If you want to learn HTML by yourself, you may be wondering how long that could take. When considering the staggering specter of the months and years it takes to upgrade a new skill like coding, you have nothing to be afraid of.

The best things take time, and learning HTML takes time too.

But how long exactly, you may wonder? 

When learning HTML casually, it should not take longer than a month to gain substantial skill in coding. However, if you’re willing to invest 4+ hours daily and loads of practice, you can learn HTML in as soon as 10 days! Moreover, it’s advisable to learn CSS with HTML. 

Today, you’ll get a brief insight into the time required to learn HTML by people with different existing levels of knowledge.

You’ll also get to know how to learn HTML within a stipulated time.

So, let’s start.

How Long Does Learning HTML Take?

How Long Does Learning HTML Take

The time required to learn HTML by yourself depends on your level of expertise and knowledge of coding and programming.

It also depends on your hard work, efficiency, and daily hours of practice.

Now, let’s take a look at the time taken for learning HTML by individuals based on their level of knowledge. 

1. Time Taken To Learn HTML By New Programmers

As a new programmer, it can take up to two weeks for you to learn the basics of HTML by yourself.

To learn HTML by this timeline, you’ll have to do regular practice and achieve proficiency in the language. 

Also, it’s crucial to understand the full potential of HTML within this timeline.

It’s highly recommended to practice HTML for about 2-4 hours a day to learn its basics within a week or two. 

2. Time Taken To Learn HTML By Experienced Programmers

Time Taken To Learn HTML By Experienced Programmers

An experienced programmer already knows the basics of HTML. However, they can always choose to brush up on their skills, which can hardly take a day or two for them. 

When it comes to advanced HTML coding, they may require some practice, which can take as long as a week or two.

As an experienced programmer, it’s best for you to write code on your own without relying on concepts through tutorials. 

Despite being experienced, you must keep practicing web page formatting, experiment with new and advanced features, and work on different sets of projects to upgrade your skills.

To achieve all those, you may require up to two weeks of time. 

3. Time Taken To Learn HTML By New Coders 

New coders must know that fixing HTML code is as significant as writing the code when it comes to software engineering.

Debugging or fixing the code will help you learn from mistakes and get insightful experience as a new coder. 

Making and learning from mistakes is a significant part of learning HTML, so don’t get demoralized by it. 

Similar to every other coding language, learning HTML, too, is an ongoing process. However, you can gain a functional knowledge of HTML within a few short weeks.

Although coding has a learning curve, you can start writing HTML codes in no time.

ProfessionsTime Required (Estimate)Why They Need To Learn HTML
Web Designer– 1 month (if they practice regularly)
– 2 months (if practicing while working)
They only need to understand the basics of HTML to see how their designs will translate on physical web pages. 
Webpage Owner– 1 month (if they practice regularly)
– 2-3 months (if practicing while working)
They need to learn HTML to make edits or changes in their virtual storefront website without any external help.
Front End Developer– 3-6 months (if they practice CSS and HTML)They need to learn HTML-based coding to support web development and manage every aspect of a website. 
Marketer– 1 – 1 ½ month (for basic HTML coding)
– 2-3 months (if practiced for less hours a day)
It will enable them to develop attractive online stores and create marketing copy without any help.
IT Technician– 1 month (if they practice regularly)
– 3-6 months (to become a professional)
They need to learn HTML to manage a company’s intranet, locate potential vulnerabilities or gaps in an employer’s site, and so on.
UX Designer– 1 month (if they practice regularly)
– 2 months (if practicing while working)
They need to learn HTML to expand your understanding of web design principles and gather and process data via HTML forms to conduct user research. 

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How long should it take to gain knowledge of HTML completely? 

If you’re an average learner, you’re in luck, as you can easily learn the HTML basics within a week or two.

However, you may require about a month and a half or two months of practice to learn HTML thoroughly.

How To Learn HTML By Yourself

How To Learn HTML By Yourself

Expert professionals say that an individual can learn HTML basics within weeks instead of months or years.

The web developer’s community agrees that learning HTML basics and achieving proficiency in it within a month is doable. 

What resources should I use to learn HTML by myself?

If you search for resources to learn HTML, you find a lot of free as well as paid options. You must be careful in picking your resources as a lot of them have become outdated.

To learn complex concepts of HTML, watch YouTube videos.

Also, use language reference guides and online forums to sharpen your coding skill. 

If you end up learning HTML within a month, you can literally add the most crucial building block for developing websites in your toolkit within a few days or weeks.

It gives you more time to think about the benefits of learning HTML. 

Whether you practice HTML for 15-25 hours for a two-week span or practice four hours a day for three weeks, you’ll eventually learn HTML.

The exact time required to learn HTML actually depends on your efficiency and daily hours of effort and practice.

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Job Opportunities for Those With HTML Skill

Lastly, check this bonus table representing all the career options that you can opt for after learning HTML and CSS.

Job OptionsWhat To DoExpected Salary 
Frontend DeveloperCode the website segment that users interact with$96,138 per year
Backend Developer Code the content management system of the site$97,173 per year
Full Stack DeveloperEnsure coding both the backend and frontend of the website$101,964 per year 
Email Marketing ManagerCreate visually-appealing HTML-enriched emails$76,796 per year
Marketing Operations ManagerEnsure secure passing of customer data by adding integrations$93,946 per year
Business Intelligence ManagerUnearth insights and trends into your customer data via HTML modules $124,513 per year
SQL/Data Science AdministratorSynthesize a vast amount of data and models via HTML script$113,000 per year
Product ManagerBuild, test, and code new products via HTML$123,594 per year

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take to learn CSS by myself? 

If you simply want to learn how to use CSS without any time constraints, it can take at least two months.

If you can practice CSS four hours a day, you’ll be able to learn it in as few as a month.

So, it can take up to two months to learn JavaScript on your own. 

2. How long will it take to learn HTML and CSS by myself? 

If you’re an average learner who can strictly adhere to the daily practice routine, you should be able to learn HTML and CSS within 7-8 months.

Again, the time depends on the level of discipline and difficulty.

You will gain immense confidence in HTML and CSS once you practice them for over 18 months. 

3. Is it possible to learn HTML within a month? 

Yes, you can learn HTML within a month all by yourself. All you have to do is practice four hours a day for weeks to at least become proficient in the basics of HTML.

Although it’s not easy to become a pro at HTML coding within a month, you can gain valuable knowledge about this programming language. 

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Final Thoughts

So, effectively take control of your learning process, spend 2-4 hours a day practicing coding, and become an expert in HTML.

Hopefully, this article has given you a better idea of how to tackle learning HTML and how long it can take to get down the basics.

Start practicing as now and see how far you get in a month!

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