About Us

The autodidactic society is your source for self learning guides on a wide range of different topics.

We believe in self education as a way to enrich your life, hobbies, academic studies and career.

Everyone is a self learner to a greater or lesser degree. We all came into this world knowing nothing, and learnt alot along the way – much of which we taught ourselves outside of formal education.

School and colleges can be a great way to learn, but it’s not the only way. These days you can learn pretty much anything you want via the internet and through practice and self study.

And that’s what the Autodidact Society is here for – to help you in your self learning journey by providing free guides, resources and links to the best places to learn a range of different topics online.

What Is An Autodidact?

The dictionary definition of an Autodidact is:

“a person who has learned a subject without the benefit of a teacher or formal education; a self-taught person.”

from Dictionary.com

So, basically, it is someone who likes to learn things things themselves!

And we’re not just talking academic subjects here. Self learning covers everything from math to dancing .

So, what do you want to learn?

Take a look at the range of topics we have resources on and get started with your self learning:

And if there’s a topic you’d like to learn more about that we don’t yet have a guide about, contact us to let us know.

We’re always keen to hear what our readers want to learn about as we continue to add more resources to this site.