How Can I Educate Myself Everyday

How Can I Educate Myself Everyday?

Not all knowledge comes from textbooks, nor does creativity come from simply attending art school. To enhance your creativity, you must acquire new knowledge and information outside of the mandatory education system.

We learn something new every day without even knowing it. But you may be wondering, “how can I educate myself everyday?”

To educate yourself every day, you will need to have topics and sources planned ahead, so plan out your learning material for a couple of days upfront. The best approach to follow to self-educate consistently every day is to take at least 30 minutes/day to learn something new, and another 10 minutes/day to repeat the things you already know. 

Today, in this article, we will explain to you all the ways that can help you educate yourself every day.

So, without any further ado, let’s start.

15 Different Ways To Educate Yourself Everyday

Before you start, a quick word of advice. To educate yourself successfully every day, you must always be passionate about what you’re reading or learning about.

If you’re really passionate about some topic or discussion, hours will seem minutes to you.

So, now let’s see how you can educate yourself through various ways.

Ways To Educate YourselfHow To Do SoTime To Invest (Daily)
Watch TED TalksDownload the TED app
Watch it on Netflix
20-30 minutes
Reading Random Blog/ArticleExplore them on Google30 minutes 
Learn More About WorkLinkedIn
– Job-related sites
15-20 minutes
Solve Riddle/
10-15 minutes
Read Classic Books 
20-30 minutes
Learn New WordsThesaurus  
5-10 minutes
Watch DocumentariesNational Geographic
Planet Earth
30-40 minutes
Learn a New LanguageYouTube
25-30 minutes
Learn New RecipesYouTube15-20 minutes

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1. Watch TED Talks Regularly

TED Talks

“You can make a living out of formal education, but you’ll make a fortune out of self-education.”

Motivational, meaningful, and insightful talks by renowned individuals have always been a boost for people worldwide.

To enjoy something like this and educate yourself on the ideas and philosophies of remarkable people, watch TED talks every day.  

2. Read Some Random Blog/Article of Interest on the Internet Everyday

The articles and blogs relevant to a topic of your interest are always informative, quick and easy to read, and understandable.

They give you an abstract idea of the topic that you’ve chosen to learn or do research on afterward.

Reading articles on different topics every day will significantly broaden your knowledge base.

3. Take Out 30-Minutes of Your Life For Reading

Life For Reading

This is an excellent recommendation. The practice of reading for 30 minutes a day will definitely make you punctual and kickstart your aim to educate yourself.

If you’re determined, keeping 30 minutes aside for the end of the day is doable. 

If you read 30-minutes a day, you’ll be able to read at least one book in a couple of weeks.

With such continuity in reading, you’ll gain a vast amount of knowledge. 

4. Focus on Learning More About Your Work/Job

You must take the time to educate yourself about what you do at work. You must determine the reason why you’re doing them rather than just following a protocol.

Whether you’ve been experienced at this job for years, explore its depth to know how far you can progress. 

Do proper research on the company you’re working for, what they do, etc. You can always find excellent learning opportunities at your 9-5 desk job.

You may consider yourself just some random employee, whereas your clients will think of you as an expert. 

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5. Learn For Fun 

By showing interest and investing time and effort to learn more, you’ve already made things fun. But do you know that you can make learning even more fun?

Yes, you can do that by including other people in the process.

You can solve puzzles with your kids, discuss the latest and trending topics with friends, watch documentaries, or play trivial pursuits with your close ones. 

6. Solve a Riddle/Puzzle every day

Riddle/Puzzle every day

Whether math puzzles, riddles, or jigsaw puzzles, try to solve at least one of these every day. You must practice them to sharpen your mind.

You can choose to buy “Train your Brain” books online that include a puzzle a day to make things easier for you.

Also, you can use multiple online forums that offer puzzles to solve for free. 

7. Read Challenging & Classic Books 

You must aim to read books that are a bit challenging. This will not only help you accomplish the goal of “well read” but also help you fill out your vocabulary.

Classic books illustrate and exemplify the English language in its supreme form.

Although they are not always fun to read, you’ll educate yourself a lot after reading them.

8. Learn New Words Everyday 

If you take a look at the multiple online dictionaries available on the internet, you’ll see a feature called “Word a day.” 

You can simply check those words online or subscribe to the dictionary via email to get regular updates.

You must learn at least one word a day and spell it out at least three times that day.

Of course, you should know the meaning first. 

9. Educate Yourself By Watching Documentaries 

With the advent of YouTube and smart television, watching documentaries has become easier than ever. You can search for the topic you’re interested in and go for the documentary with the title “Part 1” and start watching. 

Moreover, you’ll find great joy in watching documentaries on topics you have no clue or knowledge about.

Planet Earth, National Geographic, and Wild China are great channels to watch BBC documentaries.

So, now you know where to begin. 

10. Keep Following Exciting Blog Channels 

Following Exciting Blog Channels 

You must connect with bloggers that motivate you and give you insight into innovative and bright ideas.

Follow them via social media channels or subscribe to magazines that come with informative blogs. 

Today, blogs have become a great way to learn many things about the world.

For instance, a travel blog will help you know the unique local food item of a small town in Italy. 

11. Try Learning a New Language

Is there any language you’ve wanted to learn before but couldn’t? If so, this is the time to do so!

You can either take private lessons, join an online course, or watch YouTube tutorials to invest your time in learning something new and exciting.  

12. Invest More Efforts Into Your Current Hobby/Pursue a New Hobby

It’s common to have a hobby. Everyone should have something that keeps them engaged for long.

You must have a hobby that makes you happy and excited.

Your hobby should be something you can commit to and use to enhance some of your aspects.

If you don’t have such a thing- pursue a new hobby. 

You can pick a hobby out of so many options out there. However, it’s crucial to stay committed to it.

Although hobbies are just for fun, it requires a certain degree of commitment to help you educate yourself.

If you really want to get results out of your hobby, make a weekly schedule and make sure that you can really commit to it.

If pursuing a new hobby, learn about its application and theory. 

13. Try Learning New Recipes

Try Learning New Recipes

Learning new recipes is always a great way to educate yourself. You can browse the various cooking channels over the internet, subscribe to a cookery magazine, or buy a cookbook to start learning recipes. 

To make this process even more fun and exciting, you can come up with goals and themes every week.

For instance, you can learn how to make appetizers, smoothies, fruit dishes, salads, desserts, etc. 

14. Keep Practicing Memory Games 

It’s one thing to keep your head stacked up with information. It’s a whole different thing when it comes to accessing that information again.

You can’t be a genius if you cannot recall things you know.

So, to sharpen your memory, practice memory games. These games can be easily found online. 

15. Leverage Wikipedia & Other Informative Sites

Wikipedia is the ultimate destination of knowledge. This site will never disappoint you with the results, no matter the topic.

Choose whatever topic you want to educate yourself about and start doing research on it via Wikipedia.

Moreover, other sites like WebMD can help you with any health-related query. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I quickly educate myself?

To educate yourself quickly and efficiently, you’ll stay updated with news related to your work industry, enroll yourself in online courses, seek advice and help from mentors, begin keeping journals, and most importantly, have the urge to look up stuff online. 

Why should I educate myself?

Self-education is essential as it helps you learn a little about everything in the world.

Moreover, it enables you to work effectively to master a single topic or subject.

To educate yourself is to take your learning into control.

The quest for knowledge drives you to the path of success. 

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So, take time to reread these points, make a checklist out of them, and try to accomplish them every day and become a more knowledgeable person with every passing day.

Get the best out of this guide and start educating yourself to unleash your creativity and broaden your knowledge!

Remember, no matter where you are or what you do, there is no age limit to stop learning and educating yourself.

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