Self Learning: Unleash Your Inner Genius!

Autodidact: au·to·di·dact / noun / a self-taught person

What is Self Learning?

Education without the need for teachers or institutions. Follow your own interests & curiosities!

The Unexpected Ways An Autodidactic Education Can Help In Work & Life

Passion & Discovery

While a formal education will likely provide academic grounding in a certain field, autodidacts are likely to keep up with new developments and breakthroughs long after their formal education has ended.

Unique Opportunities

Unique opportunities may open up for autodidacts. Knowledge of a foreign language, possessing a unique skill, or familiarity with a specialised industry or area can mean broader career and personal development opportunities throughout working life.

Delving Deeper & Exploring More Broadly

Unlike a regular school or university syllabus, there is often no set curriculum for an autodidact. While this can seem a little overwhelming at first, the approach can also be extremely freeing.