Is It Possible to Teach Yourself Martial Arts?

Is It Possible to Teach Yourself Martial Arts?

If you’ve constantly found yourself admiring martial artists like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris and are curious to know whether you can teach yourself to be like them, then step right in!

You can certainly teach yourself martial arts from the comfort of your home by watching instructional videos and reading instructional materials. However, whilst you might be able to teach yourself the basic skills, to become a master you will need the guidance of a more experienced teacher..

You must know the type of martial arts training you are looking to learn. This clarity will help you tailor your learning materials better to suit the type of martial art skill you are looking to learn.

Once you’re clear on that, here’s how to teach yourself martial arts.

3 Steps to Teach Yourself Martial Arts

As you must know, the best way to achieve results for any self-taught is to follow due process, and below is a direct step to teaching yourself martial arts.

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Step 1: Get the Basic Equipment

Step 1 Get the Basic Equipment

Now that you have decided to teach yourself some basic martial arts skills, there are some necessary pieces of equipment you should get to help make this process easier. Some of them are:

Step 2: Learn the Techniques

The most effective way to teach yourself martial arts is to find an instructor you can watch and learn from. 

However, if you have decided to learn martial arts yourself, there are other ways you can go about it, and this involves;

  • Taking martial arts crash courses and 
  • Researching your preferred style.

We advise you to research your preferred martial arts style first to take the suitable courses to suit you.

Researching Your Style

There are different types of martial arts training, and before starting, you have to decide which one you are more interested in. There are complex styles that channel force and soft styles that control energy.

Before picking a style, you should research the types of martial arts available and pick one that suits you and blends with your reason for choosing to learn martial arts.

Researching the styles also helps you have a basic understanding of how the other martial arts skills work, even if you do not end up picking them. 

When choosing the martial art style you want to teach yourself, it is wise to pick one that best suits your physical and mental strength.

As an example, if you have long legs, it might be best to pick a style like Taekwondo since it emphasizes kicking.

Note that there is no best type of martial arts to pick, only the right type for you.

Martial Arts Crash Courses

Martial Arts Crash Courses

If you need to learn the essential techniques in martial arts, you can always take a crash course first, so you are familiar with the basics before you start practicing.

This course helps you have a theoretical understanding of how the techniques work.

You can either visit YouTube or more professional sites to learn. The primary difference would be that YouTube would be free while more professional sites would require some form of payment.

There are numerous videos on YouTube that you can watch for free to learn martial arts for free like the Martial Arts for Beginners Class by the World Karate Guide.

Professional online courses are also available to learn from, like the Kali-Filipino martial arts program on Udemy or the Black Belt at Home study course on Krav Maga.

Step 3: Practice the Techniques

To learn all that you can personally, it is necessary that you take it seriously because you are your only source of motivation and the results of your training are dependent on how much work you have put into learning martial arts. 

You can follow these simple steps if you have chosen to teach yourself martial arts skills.

Time Your Training

Now that you have decided to teach yourself martial arts, you must find the time to train. It would be best if you had a set time in your schedule marked for practicing your moves.

This timing is necessary because some skills may prove harder than others to learn.

If you hope to get results from your self-trainings, you must make time for your training to practicalize all you have learned.

Acquire Training Materials

One good thing about the internet is the abundance of tutorials that can help you grow whatever skill you have chosen to learn. 

You can also get books like 100 deadly skills or other specialized books to help you understand and perfect the theoretical aspect as you practice these skills. 

You can watch a video on martial arts for beginners below

Start Easy 

When you start your training, it would be best for you to start slow and easy. Delving into major kicks or acrobatics only a professional performs is not advisable because you can end up sustaining avoidable injuries.

Follow your researched instructions and practice one skill well before moving to a more advanced one.

This way, you are sure to understand one level before moving on to the next one.

Stay in Shape

Now that you are learning martial arts, you should know that it is not just about learning the skills. You need to train your mind and body to make learning easier.

Exercising is one of the ways you can achieve this. You do not need to get to the gym before you exercise. A simple cardio workout can help you learn to boost your endurance as a martial artist.

You can research different programs to spice up your routines.

Stretching is also a fundamental way to stay in shape. As a martial artist, flexibility is a great advantage, and stretching before and after every practice will help your flexibility.

One other thing you may have to change is your diet. If you are the type that consumes processed foods and unhealthy meals a lot, you need to change that so your body can become lighter, making it easier to carry yourself and practice your moves.

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3 Fun and Easy Martial Arts You Can Teach Yourself

3 Fun and Easy Martial Arts You Can Teach Yourself

We have researched three easy martial arts skills you can pick now that you have decided to teach yourself this art. These arts are the safest and easiest skills to practice from the bunch.

1. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an excellent martial arts skill to pick for you because you have chosen to teach yourself rather than visiting a professional.

This skill focuses on self-practice, and all you need to do is learn your techniques and get them right.

If you watch videos and read professional books, you should be able to learn these techniques, and since there is no sparring, you do not need anyone to practice with.

All you need is knowledge and focus. 

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2. Krav Maga

This skill is a military self-defense skill. While it is possible to read and practice it by yourself, it is advisable that you confer with a professional because it is one of the most aggressive forms of martial arts. 

Krav Maga is a beneficial martial arts skill, and there are videos you can watch to ensure you are getting your techniques right.

You can practice your moves with a solid training bag, but wear your protective gear to avoid injury.

3. Cardio Kickboxing 

As opposed to traditional kickboxing, sparring is not part of cardio kickboxing classes which means this is a skill you can practice by yourself with your training bag.

It is essential, however, that you learn the techniques correctly.

Getting suitable materials, practicing, and staying consistent are essential to teaching yourself martial arts successfully.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Martial Arts

Q. How Many Types of Martial Arts are there?

There are over 190 types of martial arts in the world. However, we have nine dominant types: Aikido, Hapkido, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Tai Chi.

Q. Is Boxing Considered Martial Art?

Boxing is one of the oldest types of martial arts. It has been around for thousands of years and is still very relevant.

Final Thoughts

As you can see through the length of this piece, learning martial arts on your own is very achievable.

However, we recommend you get direct instructions from an expert if you plan on becoming a professional. 


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