Are Teach Yourself Books Good?

Are Teach Yourself Books Good?

Teaching yourself something new, although exciting, can be quite daunting. Luckily, Teach Yourself Books are here to the rescue.

This Hodder Education collection of self-instruction books comprises language instruction books, algebra, and several others.

Teach Yourself Books are great sources of learning as they offer a decent start to those with little to no knowledge about a particular subject. They break down the basic rules surrounding a topic which helps to give the reader an idea of what they are getting into while guiding them as they put all that they’ve learned into practice.

These books, like every other book, need to be read and understood. This is why in this guide we would not only be detailing why Teach Yourself Books are good, we would also release tips you need to successfully learn the books’ subjects.

WhyTeach Yourself Books are Good for Self-Learning

You may be skeptical about how and why teach-yourself books are good and why you should pick them over traditional learning.

Well, here we’ll show you why. Books from the language series will be used as illustrations.

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1. It Caters to Beginner Language Learners

Beginner learners need beginner books that introduce them to new concepts in a way that won’t scare them off or bore them while still being insightful.

The Teach Yourself Books does exactly this, as is seen in the Get Started Level of the language series.

From the title alone (Get Started Level), you can deduce that this level is very beginner-friendly. At this level, the language grammar used is minimal.

Also, here, you’ll only get to see and learn to use simple words of the language you are trying to learn.

The best part is that this quality is not only peculiar to the teach yourself language series. Several other books in the Teach

Yourself collection provide beginner-friendly books that ensure you understand and follow the concept of the books easily.

From this, you can see that getting a Teach Yourself Book is ideal for beginner learners of any topic.

Some get-started books include:

It is Perfect for People Who Need to Learn a Subject Fast

2. It is Perfect for People Who Need to Learn a Subject Fast

While deep learning is always advised, sometimes you only need the key points to achieve your goal. Thanks to the Teach Yourself Book fast track level language series, readers with hopes to learn a language in a short period have nothing to worry about. 

This level lets us know that the Teach Yourself Series is not only great for deep learning and introductory topics, but also considers that there are times you need to learn a topic faster than usual.

Typical examples of such times include when you intend to go on vacation to another country with a language different than yours.

Studying the fast-track series for 35-40 minutes every day for six weeks will teach you all you need to know as a visitor.

Note: The fast-track books are restricted to language books alone written by Elisabeth Smith.

Typical examples of these books include;

3. The Books Appeal to All Senses of Teaching and Learning

Teach yourself books are more than PDFs and written words; you’d be glad to know that there are also several audiobooks available.

A typical example of this is the complete level language series

The audiobook integration is easily one of the few reasons many enjoy the complete series because it is all-encompassing.

The grammar scheme of the complete series is very simple, which helps readers assimilate better. Another benefit to this series is the thematic organization

Additionally, sections in the book are arranged systematically and organized, making it easy for readers to learn.

You’ll also find that the complete series covers several languages, giving you a plethora of options.

Some books we’d recommend you check out from the complete series include;

6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Teach Yourself Book

To ensure you get all the information from the teach yourself book, we have curated six tips to help you learn as much as possible.

1. Read the Summary First

Since educational books are different from storytelling books and there is no buildup to a suspense-filled end like in the novels, you can be sure that reading the summary first will enlighten you on what you need to know to learn the book’s contents successfully.

2. Focus on the Keyword 

When reading a subject, try to focus on the keyword. A good example is the Teach Yourself Good English series. Note down anywhere the “English” keyword is mentioned.  

Also, ensure you focus on paragraphs where the topic is mentioned because that section will include note-worthy points about the subject you are trying to learn on your own.

3. Pay Attention to the Details

While you try to learn about a subject using books from the Teach Yourself Books collection, skimming through the book without trying to understand what a sentence is trying to explain will defeat the whole purpose of reading.

You should read to understand and focus on the details, this way you can always apply what you have learned.

Pay Attention to the Details

4. Take Notes of Important Points

When reading any book from the Teach Yourself Book collection, you should consider taking notes.

Putting ideas mentioned in the book down in your own words will help you understand what the book is trying to teach and make it easier for you to teach yourself.

While reading, you can also simplify some terms you may find complex; breaking them down into simple words will not only help you learn but also make it easier for you to recognize their meaning whenever you come across them again.

When taking notes, we advise that you keep them short and straight to the point.

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5. Re-read Your Notes

Do not stop at taking notes, have a look at them regularly. By taking and re-reading your notes, you wouldn’t need to go through the stress of reading the entire book again. 

6. Follow The Structure of The Book

Teach Yourself Books are often structured to be easy to follow. Following this structure helps you understand the message the writer is trying to pass across one step at a time.

Some structural patterns we advise you to look out for include:

  • The Headings
  • The Sub-Headings
  • Bolded Words
  • Bolded Phrases
  • Numbered or bulleted lists
Follow The Structure of The Book

Problems of the Teach Yourself Books

While you may find several books in the Teach Yourself series helpful, some qualities might question their authenticity. Some of these qualities include:

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Excessive Dependence on the Book

After picking up the Teach Yourself Books, several people immediately assume they no longer need an expert’s guidance.

While the teach yourself series is an excellent way to learn the basics of a topic, you should not believe that you can become a professional based on what is written in the book alone. You need expert guidance.

Non-Realistic Topics

This is another common problem with the Teach Yourself Books. While several books in the series can be self-taught, unfortunately, some of the subjects cannot be learned by reading books alone.

A book like the Teach Yourself to sail book, although it might contain certain fundamentals to sailing a boat, will not do justice to the subject because the learner needs an expert to be on the boat with them, or else they risk endangering lives and properties. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Books

Q: Are Teach Yourself Books Only Available as Hardcopy?

No, these books are not restricted to hardcopy versions alone. There are now pdf versions, audiobooks, and instructional videos available.

Q: Are the Teach Yourself Books Educational?

Several books in the Teach Yourself collection are meant to educate the reader on a particular subject. So, yes, Teach Yourself Books are educational.

Q: Is the Teach Yourself Series the Same as the For Dummies Series?

Although the Teach Yourself Series and the For Dummy Series serve similar purposes and contain similar books, which is helping the reader to self-learn, they are created by two different brands.

The Teach Yourself Series is older and generally more technical than the For Dummies Series.

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Final Thoughts 

The teach-yourself book series have proven to be quite helpful to a number of individuals.

They are especially great for people who want to learn history or a new language.

So, grab a book and start learning something new today!


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